Current Draft

For my creative project I have decided upon creating a mock Overwatch League team, complete with a marketable logo and color palette, full roster of real players with a realistic composition, and full staff consisting of a head coach and other minor coaches. The idea behind this project is that I am trying to answer the question “What makes eSports so engaging to people even outside the gaming scene?” and the answer lies in these big gaudy displays of domestic support. By giving people a city and specific geographical location that’s represented by a certain team, it allows those who may be more casual fans to be engaged. For example, Atlanta’s new Overwatch team was announced, and they are essentially the only major team in the southeast, therefore we can already see people states away allying themselves with a team from Georgia. It has to do with the appeal of jerseys, color schemes, and logos that traditional sports has capitalized on for so long. Attached are some examples of the brand new teams and hopefully you can see what I am trying to explain.

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