A Final Reflection

With the semester coming to a close I would be remise not to look back at how these past months’ events have transpired, most importantly the quality of my work over the period.

For starters it is comforting to know that as the course of the semester went on I became closer and closer to my desired look for the website, changing minuscule things like differing shades of grey or slight differences in font. With that in mind I’d say I’m extremely happy with how my website turned out, as it closely resembles both in palate and structure what I first imagined when we first learned of this assignment.

With all the time spent on these sites over the semester I’d say I’ve learned a valuable skill in creating and editing websites like these for any purpose I may dictate. All in all it was surprisingly easy to create this site and even easier to maintain and edit it. As I said before I think being able to maneuver through a useful digital medium like a website is an imperative skill and I am grateful to have learned it so early in my career.

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