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For my creative project I underwent the task of creating an Overwatch franchise, suitable for the rising Overwatch League. This would include not only creating a marketable and recognizable name and logo, but also drafting an entire roster of players, along with an applicable and appropriate coaching staff. For the team itself I decided to choose Chicago as the home city, both on account of Chicago’s sheer population size as well as the geographical gap that exists right now with Overwatch League teams. The East coast was positively inundated with teams in the first season, not counting the newer franchises that have joined for the coming season in February, and the West coast was the same way with three separate teams in California alone. However, in the Mid-West there’s hardly any representation, with Dallas and Houston in the South claiming the only teams. From there it was relatively easy to come up with a wolf mascot and name the team The Chicago Pack. Branding is super important, so I had to download and teach myself Photoshop to transform a rotating 3-D logo from an artist named “stiv” into a flat image with a custom paint job for the team’s symbol. All in all, it took about 4 hours of frustration to both get it done and learn I’m not good at Photoshop. After creating the face of the organization, I had to fill the roster and the staff which I have detailed below. I went about picking the staff based on probability of successfully hiring them, as well as their accolades and what I thought they could bring to the table. From there I picked players, both from the minor and major leagues, and created a deep roster based on hours and hours of footage and performance over their careers. I also accounted for the draw star players have, understanding that popularity played a big role in the franchise’s success. My full unedited notes on the roster and staff picks are posted below. The importance of all of this with regards to my final paper, is that in doing all of this work and scouting, I am not unlike franchise owners of traditional sports or talent scouts for professional teams, and that’s the point. My paper revolves around the blurring line between traditional sports and eSports, especially with regards to the structure and regulation of the Overwatch League. This is a concept that we have talked about many times in class, in that technology and the culture it creates were separate from what we would consider normal society, with the hacker culture showing proud alienation through mastery, but as the general populace becomes more adept in navigating digital mediums, technology becomes second nature to us. Weirdos in their basements used to play video games, now your favorite rappers and NBA stars do. The digital world will cease to exist as its own entity, instead the entire world becoming digital, with antiquated analogue becoming the outlier. Or not, we’ll see.

Go Pack! #strengthofthepack

Roster and Notes:

Head Coach: Da-hee Park

  • Head coach for Boston Uprising, led them 10-0 in third stage
  • Left for San Fran, Boston proceeded to go from 2nd best team to bottom tier
  • San Fran began to climb as a top tier team
  • Willingness to move teams, excellent track record

Assistant Coach: Jordan Graham

  • Assistant coach for LA Valiant previously, now with Boston Uprising
  • Experience with Da-hee Park and similar rosters
  • LA Valiant 2nd in league after season 1 with 27-13 only behind NYXL 34-6
  • Possible promotion to co-coach with Da-hee to entice

Players: Want a good balance – maybe 8 players(??)

  • DPS:
    • dafran (Daniel Francesca): top tier hit-scan dps, important for new ashe meta, ranked as #11 in the world (that’s without a team just by himself), easy pick up  from Atlanta after this season, and the fans love him NOTE: may get suspended again
    • Surefour (Lane Roberts): top tier dps, beat out what people thought was the best sniper in the league (Carpe) during the all-star weekend postseason, a good player and a good draw for crowds, 1/2 splurge players
  • Tank:
    • Fissure (Chan-hyung Baek): main tank, top of his class, 2/2 splurge players, very popular, left Gladiators after successful season??
    • Fate (Pan-seung Koo): main tank, young guy, not too flashy, still top 10, more of a modest pick to fill roster
    • Txao (Ilya Makarov): excellent off-tank, ranked in the grandmaster category, excellent pickup for GOATS compostion NOTE: investigate 5:1 comp vs. GOATS
    • Hanbin (Han-been Choi): Korean player from Element Mystic, EM not only won the Korean Contenders league but flushed the competition 5-0, modest pick to round out roster
  • Support:
    • ryujehong (Je-hong Ryu): highest personal win record, one of the best supports in OWL, possibly a hard recruit?? Chicago would have money to throw right?
    • Dogman (Dusttin Bowerman): excellent support in the Atlanta Contenders league, easy pickup as he has never gone pro, insane off-support, run well with GOATS or off NOTE: really nice guy, talks to fans
    • Bischu (Aaron Kim): FLEX player, useful for back pocket, modest pick nothing special

General Note: All of these players speak English to some degree, need to keep that in mind, though all of the tanks speak Korean as well which will be useful.

We will only choose 1 or 2 from contenders (minors) because we can have other teams scout our talent for us, that’s the benefit of not being in the inaugural season or the second season.

Original Logo Design by: stiv on 3dexport


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